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A fake house in the village of Rogi. History of appearance


On October 21 the dramatic film “Poultry Milk” will be released in Russia. This is the debut full-length work of a novice director from Pridnestrovie Yevgeny Maryan, where the famous Russian actress Elena Lyadova starred.

This is the first film completely filmed in Pridnstrovie. Film companies from Russia and Moldova were involved in its production. Most of the filming took place in the village of Rogi, Dubossary region. The filmmakers chose a picturesque place near the canyon, which offers a stunning view of the Dniester valley. The main scenes were filmed in a house that was specially built for the film. Moreover, it was built mainly from wood-particle boards. “Cardboard!” – tourists joke, knocking on the walls of the house.

The shooting took place in 2019. It was a big event for local residents. Some of them even managed to star in episodes.

After filming, the fake house was planned to be demolished. But the locals asked to leave it as a gift to the village.

Through the efforts of the club’s employees, the dilapidated house was reconstructed. Here glass and ceilings were restored, wallpaper was glued. Now it has a kitchen-dining room, a bedroom and a large guest room in the Moldovan style – casa mare.

The house was equipped with the whole village. Old-timers began to bring antiques that had been kept for many years. These are kitchen utensils, homespun carpets, icons, towels, bed linen and folk costumes with hand embroidery. Even a homemade loom with real threads appeared here, which was used at the beginning of the last century. This is how the fake house became a kind of museum of antiquity.

Tourists from Russia, Moldova, Romania, Azerbaijan have already come here. House keepers meet guests according to Moldovan traditions. They talk about the village, conduct a tour of the house, sing songs and treat them with Moldovan dishes.

The history of this place is kept by photographs. There are even photographs showing a house that stood here until the 80s of the XX century. Another picture tells about the family that lived in it.

By the way, the film “Bird’s Milk” was included in the “Main Competition Program” of the 32nd Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr”, where it received the “Prize for Best Cinematography”. In 2019, the film won the main prize in the Work in Progress section of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.