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Tour of Tiraspol in Shakespeare’s language

On September 27th,  as part of the celebration of Tourism Day, Maria Khoroshunova, head of the travel agency “GoTransnistria”, with the support of the State Agency for Tourism,  held an excursion in English around the center of the capital city for students of the English club “Oxford”.

“The history of the country and the city is always interesting, and a city tour in English is a great opportunity to practice in a non-educational setting” – said Irina Sadilina, Founder and teacher of the English Club “Oxford”.

Students really liked the excursion, they admitted that they learned a lot of new words and interesting facts about their hometown.

At the end of the City Tour, students took a common photo with their favorite teacher and an interesting guide, thanked the State Agency for Tourism for the opportunity, and Maria Khoroshunova for an excellent excursion, and added in Shakespeare’s language: “We want more!”.