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An audio guide for Rashkov has been published

An audio guide of the village of Rashkov has been developed in Pridnestrovie. It includes 12 famous sites in the village, including the old Jewish cemetery and the recently discovered tomb of Rabbi Shabtai.

The audio guide is published in Russian. Now it is being translated into English and Hebrew for the convenience of pilgrims from Israel.

Due to the recent discovery of the grave of a famous Hasid Rashkov, Israeli travel agencies started to develop tourist routes to establish a regular tourist flow.

In Rashkov, they are already looking for a suitable location for the guest house, where the Hasidim could spend the night and dine.

An audio guide for Rashkov is available at the link: https://izi.travel/ru/f54e-rashkov/en

We would like to remind that the State Agency for Tourism of Pridnestrovie published a tourist route along Rashkov. It is posted on the tourist web site of Pridnestrovie.