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Winter in Yagorlyk

“Yagorlyk” is the only scientific reserve park in Pridnestrovie, created to preserve the biodiversity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the south of the Middle Dniester basin. It holds a leading position in the region for the diversity of flora and fauna species of our native nature.

The winter avifauna of the reserve park is abundantly rich and includes over 70 species of birds. This is primarily due to the abundance of fruit shrubs and trees here – hawthorn, narrow-leaved oak and blackthorn. Blackbirds are fond of hawthorn berries, which remain here to winter more and more each year, as well as fieldfare, pheasants, starlings, robins, finches.

Ten of the most numerous birds ‘species winter in the preserve park – blue tit, yellow-headed kinglet, great tit, field sparrow, fieldfare, common bunting, linnet, goldfinch, grosbeak and yurok. The most typical representatives of the winter avifauna are 20 species of birds: sparrowhawk, pheasant, long-eared owl, great spotted woodpecker and others. Warm December 2020 even conditioned the wintering of the song thrush (usually this bird flies south).

How do fish hibernate? There are 33 species of them in the reservoirs of the reserve park. Many species of heat-loving fish, such as bream, carp, tench, gather in flocks in October-November and go to wintering pits. Here they spend the winter practically without movement, keeping the strength and energy for spawning.


In addition to scientific and environmental activities, the reserve park is engaged in educational activities to foster love for native nature, talking about the need to preserve it, free excursions are held for teachers, students of lyceums and colleges, schoolchildren. An ecological path has been created and an observation tower has been installed to help visitors get acquainted with the reserve park and its nature.