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An independent view on Pridnestrovie

An interesting article about Pridnestrovie was published on the website of the Association of Independent Travelers “Otra”.

The publication is about the history, foundation and development of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

The author of the article – the founder of the Otra Association of Independent Travelers – Luca Pingitore wrote about picturesque nature, reserved places, preserved and carefully protected historical monuments, friendly and hospitable people of different nationalities living peacefully on the territory of the republic, and even about the Rybnitsa stork Zhorik, calmly walking along the embankment of the serene Dniester.

Pridnestrovie in the article appears to the reader as an independent state with industrial and tourist potential, worthy of attention. The author emphasizes the architectural charm and originality of cultures and traditions.

Contrary to stereotypes, the publication debunks the long-standing myths about Pridnestrovie as a fragment of the Soviet era, in which a tourist is exposed to danger and risk to life.

Calm and relaxation – these are the feelings that the author of the article took with him, having visited different parts of the country for about a week.

It should be reminded that guests from Italy visited Pridnestrovie in mid-October: Francesco Zema – founder and president of the Italian association “Calci” and founder of the association of independent travelers “Otra” – Luca Pingitore.