Home News and events 03.10.2021

The renewed karting track of Grigoriopol hosted the first stage of the Moldavian carting championship

The first stage of the Moldavian carting championship has started in Grigoriopol. The competition brought together 19 riders from Pridnestrovie and Moldova. According to the organizers, athletes from 5 to 45 years old entered the karting track today. They compete in five classes: two for children, one for youth and two for adults.


Karting drivers compete according to the following scheme: the pre-final and final attempts are taken into account (for the second they give more points). Before that, everyone has qualifying races. And it all starts with the training circles at the karting track. After training, the mechanics determine what needs to be corrected, how to change the car settings, what the tire pressure should be, and check other technical points.

Many kart drivers say they need new tires for every race because they wear out quickly and lose traction. Special indicators – small holes in the wheels help to understand the wear of the rubber. If they are gone, then the tires are worn out enough.


Speaking about what attracts karting, all athletes as one admit that it is speed. Also, riders like to study the trajectory of the track, overcome difficult turns. Sometimes it happens that athletes cannot cope with them and fly out of the track. To preserve the life and health of karting drivers, special protective equipment is provided.

Each rider is dressed in a special suit that protects from fire in the event of a fire, and also helps to keep the skin intact if the racer takes off from the track. Overalls for all pilots have their own expiration date, after which they cannot be used, because the clothing loses its protective properties.

Two more important elements of protection are a helmet and a non-brace (a detachable “collar” with supports on the shoulders, back and chest, fixed with elastic straps). They work together to keep the kart driver’s neck and head intact. Also, the equipment must include special gloves and shoes in which the pedals are well felt. This helps the pilot to have complete control over the driving.

According to the riders, the new track in Grigoriopol is not run in enough. Karting drivers and their mechanics say that there is still a so-called greasy layer on the track due to the fact that the asphalt surface is completely new. According to the athletes, a couple more races – and the track will be completely run in.