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Pridnestrovie welcomes guests form Italy

The Agency for Tourism of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic hold a round table on October 12 for local travel agents and Francesco Zema – the founder and president of the Italian association “Calci” and the founder of the association of independent travelers “Otra” – Luca Pingitore. Francesco and Luca visited Pridnestrovie for the fifth time and within this visit wanted to learn the history of Pridnestrovian football to write a book about Pridnestrovie and its football story.

Francesco told us about the football museum in Milan. He, as the head of the Calci Association, collects exhibits for the museum. From Pridnestrovie, Francesco will bring uniforms and other paraphernalia of Pridnestrovian football clubs. The guest noted that through such attributes he tries to convey the history and culture of the country he has visited. Francesco received an order to publish a book about Pridnestrovie. The author will talk about the history, culture and football of the republic. The book will be released in February 2022.

Luca, originally from Florence, specializes in tourism in the post-Soviet countries. He is interested in studying Pridnestrovie from the inside, its national traditions and cultural aspects. Luca noted that the international media does not always provide true and reliable information about Pridnestrovie. He plans to dispel popular myths about the republic.


At the meeting, Pridnestrovian travel agents presented their tourism services. Guests from Italy noted the variety of tourist sites in Pridnestrovie, as well as the similarity of the Italian and Pridnestrovian mentality.

After the round table guests visited with an excursion the KVINT Tiraspol Wine and Brandy Factory.