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Restoration of the Bendery fortress is in full swing

Restoration of the Bendery fortress continues. A Turkish company has been working here for about a year. They made stormwater drainage systems, almost completed the modernization of the old drainage system, now they are restoring the walls of the citadel, which collapsed over time.

Restorers clean the fortress walls from age-old plaque: moss, mold, fungus, and then treat them with a special compound, then fill all the cracks and voids with a special solution. The solution used by Turkish specialists is similar to that used in the 15th-16th centuries during the construction of the citadel.

The walls will be restored inside and outside the citadel. The process is labor consuming and time consuming because everything is done by hand. A fresh solution is prepared for each section of the wall, and only the needed ingredients are added.

Near the tower with the name “zidane”, which means “prison”, the walls have already been restored. Now work is being done inside. It is planned to recreate a prison room from the times of the Ottoman Empire in the basement of the tower. A gun room and a museum of the life of the Janissaries life will also appear in the citadel.

Then the restorers will take up the roofs. On several towers they will be made of wooden tiles. It is very durable, does not crack, and a special impregnation will protect it from fire.