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Tower of the Winds

Tower of the Winds
Tower of the Winds
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(Русский) Рыбницкий район, с. Строенцы


Tower of the Winds, monument of architecture of the 19th century, stands on a steep rock in Stroentsy.
It was built in the late nineteenth century in memory of Peter Christianovich Wittgenstein, the great commander of the Russian army, Hero of the Patriotic War of 1812. Before the revolution of 1917, there was a bronze bust of the commander inside the tower, and on its sides it had four cast iron plates with epitaphs honoring P.Ch. Wittgenstein.

In 2002, a lightning strike partially destroyed one of the columns of the tower, and the whole structure moved towards the steep. Despite the fact that the monument is a danger to tourists, the interest remains the same. Currently, options for the reconstruction of the facility are being considered.