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House of Culture of Mokra village

House of Culture of Mokra village
Organization address:
Rybnitsa district, Mokra village, Oktyabskoy Revolutsii str., 27


The mosaic panel “Awakening” is located on the facade of the House of Culture in the village of Mokra. The authors of the panel created in 1977 are the artists I.V. Taburts, A.N. Kuzmin. Mosaic area – 110m2. The monumental work is dedicated to the revolutionary events of 1905 and is solved in figurative and narrative terms.

In the mosaic composition, the artists embodied a figurative story about the peasant uprising, the collapse of the old world, the first steps of collectivization, symbolically reflected the prosperity of their native land during the years of Soviet power. In fragmentary multi-scale images of various episodes of the history of the village, the past and present are shown, and as a symbol of the future, a fantastic tree-garden stands out with a bright color accent.