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Sorokapudov House, Office of the 8th Astrakhan Dragoon Regiment

Organization address:
131a., K. Liebknecht st., Tiraspol


The Astrakhan Dragoon Regiment was originally created as a cuirassier regiment and became famous in the Patriotic War. In commemoration of the cuirassiers' merits in this battle, the name of 
the Astrakhan regiment was imprinted on the wall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, built in Moscow in honor of the deliverance from the invasion of the "twelve languages". It was a great honor. 
Moreover, a recently created regiment was awarded it. The Astrakhan regiment arrived in Tiraspol in 1890 and left a lot of architectural heritage.
Sorokupodov's house is an example of a mansion, typical for our region, built in the era of eclecticism. Its composition is based on the principles of classicism. The building is one-story, the facade 
is symmetrical. The composition of the building clearly has a classicistic foundation, the elements of the facade are homogeneous in style, and the scale and elaboration of details allows us to speak
of a provincial interpretation of neoclassicism.