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House of Soviets

House of Soviets
Organization address:
101, 25 October str., Tiraspol


The House of Soviets is one of the most recognizable and majestic buildings in Tiraspol. Its size is really impressive: more than 200 offices, the area of the main hall is almost 300 square meters.

The four-storey building was built in the 1950s by architect V. Alexandrov to accommodate local authorities.

Its construction involved the most advanced technologies of the Soviet Union, and the building became a classic example of Stalinist Empire style. The authors of the project used elements of the classical order system of Napoleonic France, and were inspired by the Moscow high-rise buildings.

This influence was reflected in the massive ten-column portico adorning the facade and the pointed spire crowned with a star.

Unlike many buildings of Stalinist architecture in the republics of the former USSR, the House of Soviets has retained all its lavish decoration and Soviet symbols. Today, the building continues to perform its original function and serves as a home for the city authorities – the Council of People’s Deputies and the State Administration.

In 1974, a clock was installed on the building for the 50th anniversary of the MASSR. The chime of the bell rings with the help of a special mechanism and a 120-kilo bell.

In one of the episodes of the Soviet comedy movie “Rather have 100 friends than 100 roubles” (original Russian title: «Не имей 100 рублей…») the building of the House of Soviets starred as the Ministry of Finance, where the movie characters brought the treasure found.