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Palace of Culture, Rybnitsa

Palace of Culture, Rybnitsa
Organization address:
Rybnitsa, Prospekt Pobedy, 6


The Palace of Culture of Rybnitsa was built in 1972.

The uniqueness of the Rybnitsa Palace of Culture is in its architectural and artistic design. The large-scale mosaic that adorns the front wall of the Palace of Culture is called “Moldova”. The author is Mikhail Burya, Honored Art Worker of the MSSR.

At that time, in the Moldavian SSR, great attention was paid to the aesthetic moment in the construction of new facilities. The development of monumental art became a hallmark of the 1970s and 1980s. Social realism reflected the aesthetic expression of the conscious socialist worldview of the Soviet people and glorified the humble working citizen, which we can see on the mosaic.