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State reserve “Yagorlyk”

State reserve “Yagorlyk”
State reserve “Yagorlyk” State reserve “Yagorlyk” State reserve “Yagorlyk” State reserve “Yagorlyk”
Organization address:
Goyany villag , Dubossary district


“Yagorlyk” is the only state scientific reserve in the republic. It is located on the left bank of the Dniester between the villages of Tsybulevka, Goyany and Doibany-1 of the Dubossary region and covers an area of ​​863 hectares.

The reserve was established in 1988 to preserve the natural complex of the Goyan Bay in its natural state.The latter was formed during the flooding of the lower reaches of the Yagorlyk River as a result of the construction of the Dubossary hydroelectric power station.

Over the years of botanical research, over a hundred species of rare and endangered plants have been identified on the territory of the reserve, of which 16 are listed in the PMR Red Book. The variety pleases not only the flora, but also the fauna of Yagorlyk: over 30 species of mammals live here, including roe deer, wild boars, stone martens, foxes and raccoon dogs.There are also rare animals such as the European ground squirrel and the ermine. About 20 species of fish live in the water area of ​​the reserve, among them there are also sturgeon – sterlet and bester. The abundance of birds found here is due to the diversity of biotypes. Yagorlyk is inhabited by 121 species of birds, including those listed in the Red Book: the mute swan nests here, and during migration there are osprey and field harrier. There is an observation tower on a hill above the bay,
from which a beautiful view of the reserve and the surrounding area opens.