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Picture gallery, Tiraspol

Organization address:
1, lane Naberezhny, Tiraspol


On March 21, 1962, the executive committee of the Tiraspol City Council decided to organize an art gallery in Tiraspol. Now the art gallery is located in 
the very center of Tiraspol.
More than 4 thousand storage units have been accumulated in the museum's funds for 55 years. These are painting, graphics, sculpture and arts and crafts.
Particularly significant in the museum collection are: a collection of works by A.F. Foynitsky, donated to the city of Tiraspol, a collection of paintings
 by E. Charykov, as well as works of Honored Art Workers of the PMR - L. Glushchenko, L. Pirozhenko, M. Rudenko, received in different years , V. and 
A. Kulichenko, E. Iovitsa and a number of famous masters, both Transnistria and Russia, Ukraine, Abkhazia, Moldova.