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Parcani Village History Museum

Organization address:
1 Gogol st. Parkany village, Slobodzeya district


A resident of the Bulgarian village of Parcani, Valentina Obruchkova, opened a history museum in her empty parental home, which presents unique exhibits of Bulgarian culture and life. 
According to her, the museum is a living biography of a settlement. In two buildings - the main house and the temporary hut, you can see things that are more than 100 years old. 
Among the museum's rarities are wedding photographs of Bulgarian families. On the wall of one of the rooms there is a family tree, which was compiled by the niece of Valentina Obruchkova.
Valentina Obruchkova added that the village of Parcani is shown on the map of General Panin during the storming of the Bendery fortress in 1770.
 “The Bulgarians, who moved in 1806-1811, brought not only their language, culture, traditions and customs, but also their psychology, their fanatical diligence. 
For example, the traditional Bulgarian cuisine has a rich aroma and delicious taste, we pass on its recipes from generation to generation and we really want our descendants to preserve them, 
their national flavor, "Obruchkova emphasized.
In the museum's guest book, you can find records of guests from Japan, Germany and other countries of the near and far abroad.