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Monument to the boy Vova

Organization address:
Kirov str., Rybnitsa


Near the fountain, near the Rybnitsa police station, there is a statue of a boy who is about to draw water from the fountain. In Rybnitsa it is called “a monument to the boy Vova”.

Legend has it that at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War, several wounded Soviet soldiers, who were surrounded, hid in the ruins near the city. They were accidentally found
by a ten-year-old Rybnitsa resident Vova, whom the soldiers asked to bring water.

The boy carried water to the wounded for several weeks.

Once the Germans tracked him down – Vova discovered the surveillance and took them away from the soldiers. Running away, the boy hid in a haystack, in which he died – the invaders burned the entire field. The rescued soldiers, meanwhile, were able to quietly leave the city and survive the war. After the victory, they at their own expense built a monument to the brave boy, who was brought to Rybnitsa immediately after the war.