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Roman Catholic Church of Saint Joseph

Roman Catholic Church of Saint Joseph
Organization address:
22"a", Pugacheva Str., Rybnitsa


The first church in Rybnitsa was built by John Nepomuk-Kozhukhovsky in 1815-1817. According to the recollections of the parishioners, the church was built in the form of a cross and had three altars. There was no interior painting, the choir had a small trumpet organ, and the entrance to the church was decorated with a portico with two pairs of columns. The roof was covered with sheet iron, and at the intersection of the transverse nave with the main nave was a tower with a small bell. The main gate in front of the church square was mounted in the form of a bell tower, on which three bells were installed.

In the 30s of the 20th century, the church was closed. In 1990, believing Catholics turned to Moscow with a request to open a parish in Rybnitsa, and already in 1994 the construction of the Church of St. Joseph began.
Architect P.G. Yablonski prepared the project, and priest Tadeusz Magerowski, the rector of the church, made changes characteristic of the style of Catholic churches.

The temple was built on the basis of local building materials, and three church bells were cast in Poland. In 2003 the church was consecrated and became a functioning church.