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Sleeve Turunchuk

Organization address:
village Chobruchi, Slobodzeya district


In the 1780s, the Dniester near the village of Chobruchi formed a sleeve 60 kilometers long. Its channel width ranges from 34 to 270 meters, 
and its depth reaches 9 meters. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Dniester began to silt up. To prevent the river from deviating from its course, 
a dam was built in 1927. Dimensional stones for her were brought in by carts from the Bychok quarry, railway stations and from other places.
The dam was later destroyed by ice drift and demolished downstream, and in its place only the foundation and a cascade of pitfalls remained,
which is clearly visible today. A stone ridge forms a threshold at the entrance to the sleeve, the sound of the water of which is heard for half a kilometer.
Therefore, locals often call this place a "waterfall", and it is a favorite place for recreation and fishing.