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Tiraspol Math and Liberal Arts Gymnasium

Tiraspol Math and Liberal Arts Gymnasium
Tiraspol Math and Liberal Arts Gymnasium
Organization address:
25 October st., Tiraspol


The oldest educational institution of the city was founded on February 24, 1893 in the form of a progymnasium, which in August 1900 became a women’s gymnasium. It was located in a building built at the expense of the city.

Tiraspol women’s gymnasium was part of the system of the Ministry of Public Education, and the school year lasted from August 16 to June 1. Representatives of all classes studied at the gymnasium. Many graduates of the women’s gymnasium themselves became teachers and taught in primary schools.

In Soviet times, the building served the same purpose, and teaching and learning activities continued there. In 1949, the building actually gained a second life, when it was rebuilt after the Great Patriotic War.

In 1961, the gymnasium was named after the famous organic chemist Nikolay Zelinsky. The capital’s math and liberal arts gymnasium received its current status in 1991 and to this day is one of the best general education establishments in the republic.

A bust of academician N.D. Zelinsky, one of the creators of the gas mask, the famous Soviet chemist with a world name, was placed in the yard of the gymnasium. Zelinsky’s home, which is a museum today, is located just opposite the gymnasium.

For more than 125 years, many famous people graduated from the gymnasium. Future Heroes of the Soviet Union studied here before the Great Patriotic War: V.A. Bochkovsky, S.I. Poletsky,
G.G. Cherniyenko, P.A. Shcherbinko, M.A. Pavlotsky. Among the graduates of the school are Heroes of Socialist Labor M.A. Koptilnikov, V.V. Solovieva, I.D. Dyachenko.